Wave Software

Software for wave propagation and scattering.

Surface waves and instabilities

Surface waves and wrinkles can be used to characterise the underlying soft solid.

Entropy GO

Use AI concepts, such as entropy maximisation, to play games.

Waves in Complex Materials

The aim is to understand how waves (like sound, radio, light, and vibrations) behave in materials with random microstructure.

Industrial Mathematics

Combining maths, data and code to solve commercial and industrial problems.

The mechanics of soft solids

How do we mathematically describe the stresses and deformation of anisotropic soft solids.

Recent Publications

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Materials comprising randomly distributed particles, or inclusions, occur frequently in the world around us. Common examples include …

We show that in general there is not only one effective wave, but there is a series of effective waves in an ensemble averaged …

MultipleScattering.jl: a Julia library for simulating, processing, and plotting multiple scattering of acoustic waves.

We formally deduce closed-form expressions for the transmitted effective wavenumber of a material comprising multiple types of …

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